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Glenn Lamar Miles II (Sir Glenn Lamar) was born in Atlanta, GA. Influenced by some of Hip Hop’s greatest innovators, Sir Glenn Lamar (SGL) aims to share the healing power of self-awareness through music. With the sultry Southern slur to his delivery, SGL holds himself to a higher standard, telling stories and painting a lyrical picture that captures the listeners imagination. By drawing on lived and observed experiences, SGL challenges himself creatively to translate these experiences into music that is both entertaining and heartfelt.  

hip-hop artist, hip-hop music producer, hip-hop influencer - SIR GLENN LAMAR

From humble beginnings, and with the support of a mother who was determined to make a better life for her children, SGL managed to make it out of the streets of Atlanta, graduate college, and  become an aide to a U.S. Congressman. Inspired by the untimely death of one of his closest relatives, SGL came to realize that life was too short. Unfulfilled in his chosen profession, he decided to follow his true calling and pursue a career in music.


While still working as a congressional aide he released his first EP in 2014, "Take 30: Just Listen". His release debuted at #4 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Adds Chart, #25 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Chart, ultimately peaking at #13 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Chart over a period of eight weeks. 


SGL would eventually abandon his position in Congress becoming a full time artists, releasing his second project, "The Be Legendary EP" in 2018, with lead single "Can't Relate", in which he expressed his frustration with the duality of being a Black man working on Capitol Hill. SGL would follow his release with singles "Drag", "Do My Thang", and "Not Sober".  These high energy tracks would become his most successful releases  yet, and the catalyst that has listeners excited to hear more.


So what's next For SGL? It's simple, "New releases are coming soon. I'm just taking my time to give my listeners the quality and consistency they deserve. As artists, we don’t create work in a vacuum. We are constantly inspired, enraged, and enthralled with the world around us. My job is to fully experience life and share what I've learned with the world." Check out SGL's latest music video here!

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