Influenced by some of Hip Hop’s greatest innovators like Cee-Lo Green, Goodie Mob and Outkast, Sir Glenn aims to make good music people can vibe to. Incorporating genres such as jazz and soul into his sound, the rising star enjoys challenging himself creatively.

“I think that’s what makes me unique,” he  humbly replies in an interview, “you can’t put me in a specific box.”

Having music in his soul and space began at a young age, with his grandmother and father both being pianists , he even managed to get some of  his father’s vocalist genes.

When his parents divorced, Sir Glenn began writing songs to soothe his frustrations. “I deflected that feeling in music,” he says. Soon, he realized he was a talented lyricist as well.

“My music is real hip-hop,” he says. “ I have something to say — and I do — but it’s also not gonna put you to sleep. It might make you think.”

“I have no doubt that music I create is quality,” he says. “I’ve got ambitions to be the next great rapper to come out the South and anything less, I’m not gonna accept.”

With a background in politics, as a former aide to a U.S. Congressman and a passion for empowerment, Sir Glenn firsthand knows the importance of making music for the people, that not only moves them, but that they can attach to personally.

“The primary reason I left politics to pursue my music career, was so that I could have the opportunity to share my views through music uninhibited and unapologetically... The Capitol isn’t the most creative place in the world you know?” Sir Glenn says,  “However, I think the opportunity to work in Congress gives me a unique perspective based on experience that I can bring to the creative process. Which I think is pretty dope!”


In his newest project, #belegendary Sir Glenn's leading single #cantrelate directly examines the intersection of politics and identity in America with a classic sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Check out his latest single, "Can't Relate".


By expanding art forms, Sir Glenn says he’ ll have more ways to reach a greater number of people. “The music is the foundation,” he says. “The music is what connects the mind to the heart.”


A lot of people may think of the trap when they think of Southern hip-hop and rap. Sir Glenn Lamar says, “Think again.” In the words of Andre Benjamin, ‘ the South got something to say.’ And as the World listens, Sir Glenn speaks volumes.